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LaW Estate Wine Dinner

Rustic Kitchen Presents An intimate evening of exploration and discovery with LAW Winery's Hospitality & Events Director - Adelaida Pitts LAW ESTATE WINES Wednesday, December 2, 2020  6:00pm [SOLD OUT] 2nd night added! - Thursday. December 3, 2020 -------------------------------------------------------------- DINNER MENU Arrival 2019 LAW Estate SOPH (57% Roussanne, 22% Marsanne, 21% Clairette Blanche) Paso Robles - Adelaida District *Special pre-release taste of this wine - not available until Spring 2021 First Course Seared Scallop Salad, Dried Cherries, Red Onion, Baby Lettuces, Garlic Breadcrumbs Creamed Leek Bisque 2017 LAW ...

Comfort Food – All Day Long

Lunch Sandwiches-Salads

Dinner – More items after 5pm

Snacks & Kids – Anytime

Roast Boneless Half Chicken

chestnut stuffing, pan gravy [available after 5pm daily]

Thanksgiving Special

RK Market

Items available in the RK Market (our apologies if the prices seem high compared to the big supermarkets.. Its not our primary business so we dont get the bulk discounts they enjoy - we use restaurant supply and all items are of the highest quality.  we are doing a fair 50% markup and providing these items as a convenience to the community) **adding items daily so be sure to refresh your browser every time you visit WATER Sole Water 1L glass $4 Sole Sparkling Water 500ml glass $2 Sole Sparkling Water 1L glass $4 Waiakea Hawaiian Water 1L plastic $4 DAIRY/BREAD ½ doz Eggs  $3.84 Darigold Butter 1lb $6.52 Kerrygold Irish Butter 8oz ...

Brunch Menu

WEEKEND BRUNCH MENU Every Saturday - Sunday 10AM - 3pm Classic RK Breakfast  two eggs, choice of bacon/sausage/turkey, fruit, toast  10 Lemon Ricotta Pancakes  fresh fruit, maple syrup  1ramelized onions, pickles, brioche bun 16 Short Rib Panini with Fried Egg pickled onion, horseradish, arugula, smoked gouda  15 Fried Green Tomato, Bacon & Egg open face sandwich seven grain bread, bac'n aioli  13 Yoghurt Parfait  fresh fruit, organic granola  6 Fresh Fruit Bowl  60  with Chocolate Chip’s 11 Breakfast Sandwich fried egg, gouda, arugula, smoked paprika aioli, brioche bun 8 add Bacon, Chicken Apple Sausage or Turkey +4 Steak ...

Caliza Winemaker Dinner

Rustic Kitchen Presents Dinner with the Winemaker:  An intimate evening of exploration and discovery  Featuring Carl Bowker, Owner/Winemaker  CALIZA WINERY Wednesday  |   February 26, 2020  |  7:00 pm -------------------------------------------------------------- WINE PAIRING MENU Arrival 2019 Caliza Pink First Course Seared Scallop, Pistachio Pesto, orange and yellow tomato puree, snap peas Creamy Carrot Soup Shot 2018 Caliza "Kissing Cousins" White Rhone Blend Second Course Duck Breast, Blueberry Wine Sauce, Creamed chard, double whip potato 2017 Caliza "Azimuth" Red Rhone Blend Cod Saltimboca, Sage, Cauliflower ...