Koehler Winemaker Dinner September 27, 2017

  Dinner with the Winemaker  An intimate evening of exploration and discovery  featuring: Colin Murphy, Winemaker and his Rhone Varietals from the Central Coast  Wednesday   September 27, 2017  7:00 pm KOEHLER WINERY Koehler Winery sits on a spectacularly beautiful 100 acre estate, surrounded by rolling hills and a small riparian stream that gently nestles its way throughout the property. The estate’s storied history includes ownership by one of the most successful television producers in history, renowned for such iconic shows as The Love Boat, ...

A Day Without Immigrants – Monday May 1st, 2017

On May 1st we are recognizing and supporting “A Day Without Immigrants” Many of our employees are hard working, tax paying, valuable members of our team.  They are legal immigrants who pay a vital role in our business and our ability to deliver you a dining experience of the highest quality. We have given them the day off to protest the unfair treatment of all immigrants and refugee’s by the current Federal Government Administration. Please bear with us as we have a skeleton crew and the kitchen will have condensed hours. Our Restaurant Hours on Monday May ...

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  • April 27, 2017

Tenuta Rapitala Winemaker Dinner May 10, 2017

Dinner with the Winemaker  An intimate evening of exploration and discovery  featuring: Laurent Bernard de la Gatinais, Owner/Winemaker  Wednesday   May 10, 2017   7:00 pm THIRTY YEARS OF LOVE FOR THIS LAND The vineyards are Rapitalà’s most precious patrimony, realised due to the passionate labour and great love which, for more than 30 years, has bound man to his vineyard. The excellent exposure and the composition of the soil enable the vines to be grown in the ideal way. After the vintage the most modern vinifi cation techniques endow the ...

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  • April 26, 2017

The Venice Canals Magazine April 2017

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  • April 15, 2017

Alma Rosa Winemaker Dinner April 26, 2017

Rustic Kitche Presents Our Monthly Series Dinner with the Winemaker -  An intimate evening of exploration and discovery featuring:  Richard Sanford, Owner/Winemaker   Wednesday   April 26, 2017   7:00 pm Nature & Agriculture in Sustainable Harmony Alma Rosa Winery & Vineyards was founded in 2005 by Sta. Rita Hills pioneer winegrowers Thekla and Richard Sanford.  The Spanish name was chosen as a tribute to the place and the people behind the wines, alma meaning soul and rosa referring to the original California Rancho Santa Rosa land grant, ...

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  • April 6, 2017

Mauritson Winemaker Dinner, March 29, 2017

A Passion for Winemaking Winemaking may have been the logical evolution in our family’s long history of farming in the Dry Creek Valley, however, it took an absence from the valley and attention to those inner voices that led Clay Mauritson back to these same vineyards that he spent planting, tending and picking as a teen. What he came to realize was that he already had a lifetime of understanding about the subtleties and strengths of each micro-climate within the Dry Creek, Rockpile and Alexander Valleys. The only thing left was to DREAM BIG! The Lineup! 1st ...

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  • March 3, 2017

The 14 Most Delicious Mac and Cheese Dishes in L.A. Right Now – LA Magazine – February 7, 2017

The 14 Most Delicious Mac and Cheese Dishes in L.A. Right Now  Though the best version of M&C is almost always made inside a house, these are all hauntingly delicious in their own right. February 7, 2017    Audie Metcalf Ruyle Mac & Cheese gets a bad rap. Too many basic ingredients (cough, Panko), and it doesn’t stand out among the 89,765 other versions in L.A. And yet, too many truffley lobstery things in it, and True Foodies clutch their pearls in horror.  Get juuuuust enough trend mixed with the creamy butteriness required for maximum pleasure, and ...

Côte Bonneville Winemaker Dinner February 1, 2017

We believe great wine is made in the vineyard.  In 1992 Hugh and Kathy Shiels planted DuBrul Vineyard in the Yakima Valley of Washington State.  The steep south-facing hillside yields grapes with unique flavors and structure.  In 2001 we founded Côte Bonneville to produce classically styled wines that best express our spectacular site.  Kerry, our winemaker, creates beautiful wines from all our varietals, showcasing each terroir. 1st Course lemon ricotta belini, smoked salmon, caviar 2013 Côte Bonneville Chardonnay Yakima Valley, Washington 2nd Course point ...

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  • February 2, 2017

Tolosa Winemaker Dinner December 7, 2016

Join us for our winemaker dinner on December 7th with Jim Kress, winemaker at Tolosa Winery in Edna Valley Menu 1st (arrival) 2015 Tolosa NoOak Chardonnay Central Coast baked brie, cranberry relish 2nd 2014 Tolosa Pinot Noir Blanc roasted beet and goat cheese napoleon, prosciutto 3rd 2014 Tolosa Estate Pinot Noir Edna Ranch herb crusted salmon, winter squash hash, pancetta, sage 4th 2014 Tolosa 1772 Pinot Noir Edna Ranch pomegranate glazed duck, roasted corn polenta 5th 2013 Tolosa 1772 Syrah Edna Ranch oxtail ragu, fresh pasta, creamed spinach desse...

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  • February 2, 2017

Walla Walla Winemaker Dinner October 26, 2017

Dinner with the Winemaker  An intimate evening of exploration and discovery featuring our friends from Walla Walla:            Trey Busch, Winemaker   and    Justin Wylie, Winemaker Wednesday   October 26, 2016   7:00 pm 1st Course Bacon Wrapped Figs & Burrata Salad  arugula, spiced almonds, balsamic dijon vinaigrette 2014 Sleight of Hand "Enchantress" Chardonnay French Creek Vineyard 2015 Va Piano Chardonnay French Creek Vineyard   2nd Course Fried Green Tomato Slider  bac'n aioli, parsnip fries 2014 Sleight of Hand "The ...

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  • January 27, 2017